Friday, June 27, 2014

My Love-Hate Relationship with Photography + Sneak Peeks

Hello DIY Divas!

So today I wanted to share with you guys a hidden passion of mine that has laid dormant for about 6 years now.  I have always been into the arts, and God has definitely blessed me with artistic abilities.  Most tasks that involve anything art related I will (most likely) excel at it.  You have seen me craft, bake, paint, and design but my first love has always been Photography.  I fell in love with this art form at a young age while browsing through pages of fashion and music magazines.  The day I decided I would be a photographer I was 11 years old, reading Word Up! Magazine and looking at a horrible picture of Lil  that day I vowed that I would be a fashion and/or editorial photographer. From that day forward I would tear out magazine pages and advertisements that inspired me and kept them in a photo inspiration binder.  Upon graduating from High School I enrolled at the Art Institute of Atlanta and graduated with a degree in photography.  Those years and the years after where the best years of my photography career. I had the opportunity to intern for W Magazine in NYC  and be a photography assistant to a celebrity photographer in Atlanta. I had so many fun freelance gigs that always involved hair, makeup, and fashion.  Then an unfortunate event led me back home to Oklahoma (where there is no fashion gigs whatsoever) there were a few models here and there but fun gigs were few and far between and my love for the art form just fizzled. I packed my camera, lighting equipment, and passion in a bag and stored it away.  Years pass and every once in a while my love for photography would try to bubble up but I would try my darnedest to suppress it.  Up until a month ago I did everything I could do not to let my passion and love for this art form bubble up to the surface.  Its funny because I've always wanted to make unique props and style photosessions. (that was my way of being apart of photography without actually being the photographer). So after numerous attempts to collab with local photographers and none of them actually coming through. I decided to go into my attic dust off my camera and lighting equipment and do it myself. As soon as I seen my old camera the sparks started flying, heart starting racing, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. Love at first sight!  This feeling was undeniable! I gave up the battle of suppressing my love and I chose to embrace it.  So today I am announcing that I am going to fulfill my long time dream of being a fashion and editorial photographer but with a different twist. You will have to stay tuned to see what I have up my sleeve. (wink)

In the meantime check out a sneak peek of my latest stylized shoot of a beautiful Diva in training- Ava.  I really wanted to portray Newborn Glamour. I had so much fun gathering materials, creating props, and styling for this session.

Glitter, lace and pearls! A great mixture for a Diva in Training.

I used my cameo silhouette to cut out the letters of Ava's name using glitter card stock, I also used it to cut out the Coco Chanel logo and numbers on the clock. In the very corner (you can't really see my niece helped me make a DIY yard stick in the color pink with glitter. This session would not have been complete with out some make-up, heels and pearls.

I created this lovely headband and matching barefoot sandals using one of my favorite black lace eyelet trims from Wholeport.
1 inch black lace eyelet trim from Wholeport
Stay tuned until Monday, June 30 and I will share with you a couple of photos from this Diva In Training photo session.


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