Monday, May 5, 2014

It's My Birthday! 31 Years Young

Hola mis amigos!

Today is Cinco De Mayo! and it just so happens to be my 31st birthday, and I have never felt so alive!
The last year and a half has been very challenging at times, having a failed marriage and going from being a stay at home mom and being thrust into single mommihood (with a 4 month old) in the middle of recovering from postpartum. This indeed was a very dark moment in time for me.  But through it all I have grown into the person I am today, which is a confident woman, mother and artist who FINALLY knows who she is and what she wants out of life.  Those dark moments forced me to look  deep within myself and figure out who I TRULY was and embrace ALL OF ME~ including the imperfections.  This journey has taught me a lot about myself and I am grateful for everything I had to go through to get to this point even though I had to let go of some people in the process (including my false identity).  Here a few things I've learned in the last 365 days of my life.

1. It is very important to be in tune with who you really are (not the false you~ the one you want everybody to THINK you are but the REAL, AUTHENTIC YOU).  I believe that everybody at some point in their lives should take the journey down "who am I really?" lane and get down to the nitty gritty of who they are. But I promise once you figure out who you are, then you can live a more solid and successful life, because you will know what you want and will not settle for anything less, cetain things will no longer phase you, and you can walk with boldness and confidence.

2. I've also learned to embrace imperfections.  Instead of living a life ashamed of certain imperfections it is vital to embrace those things you cannot change about your self, or self image. when it comes to the things you can change embrace the imperfections as you are on your course to change it.  Be in love with YOU, it'll be a much happier life if you just accept the things you can not change and know you are still beautiful no matter what. 

3. To thine own self be true!  At the beginning of the year I made this my slogan, because I vowed that I will no longer compromise who I am as a person, mother, artist, entrepreneur, to please others. I will always be true to who I am and what I believe in. I've spent majority of my life trying to make everybody happy, changing things about my self and my art to be accepted by others and that is such a miserable life to live. Break free from others perceptions of you and live the life that makes YOU happy.  BE YOU. STAY TRUE!

With that being said I am embracing 31 and I vow to make the next 365 days a successful one!  Love you all and thank you for spending a portion of your day with me


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