Monday, March 10, 2014

Mixed Media Canvas~ Mo Hair

Hello Crafty Divas!
Here is a very textured piece of art I created for a friend of mine who is a very talented, and fashionable hairstylist.
As you can tell by the caption I titled this piece "Mo Hair"... I can see the question marks above your heads (wink). So here is the scoop: the phrase mo hair comes from primarily minority beauty shops. There is a saying that when you get your hair done, or for my southern folks 'hair did' instead of saying "thank you" to the beautician you say "mo hair" so that your hair will grow long and healthy.
To get the highlights in her hair I used Art Anthology's sorbet paint in the color Sand Dune.. love it
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I absolutely love the way this painting turned out, and my friend loved it as well. Here are some detailed photos:
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Pic Template
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Thank you for taking a moment out of your day to spend it with me! (you are very much appreciated). I hope it was worth your while.


Madame Ro

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