Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DIY Colorful Applique Earrings: Earrings That Make A Statement

Hello DIY Divas
Today I have a super fun tutorial to share with you all. Many of my followers know that Madame Ro is very over the top. I love to make a statement! Whether it be my hair, clothing, or jewelry, I can never leave the house without some form of "WOW-factor". So I created these snazzy over the top earrings using some appliques.
I couldn't just stop there I wanted to take all the boringness out of them so I grabbed my Americana Multi-surface paints in the neon collection, got a hard bristle paint brush, and splattered away. I absolutely love the way that these turned out and every time I wear them out they get more attention then I do ( I'm so jealous...wink) lol.
So without further adieu here is the tutorial. Happy viewing!

I certainly hope that you were inspired to go out and create a stunning pair of applique earrings. For more information about the Americana Multi-Surface paints check out the DecoArt website.

As always thank you for spending a moment of your day with me.


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